1010 Powermix

The Excalibur Powermix is an easily operated hydraulic mixer. Unlike its cousin, the 912 Powermix, it has no gear box, no drive belts and no clutch - nothing to cause extensive repairs due to mechanical failure. If an object does jam the blades in the mixing bowl, the operator can reverse the paddle rotation and free the obstruction. The Powermix has the advantage of running full speed in forward or reverse.

Besides a smooth operating hydraulic system, there's more! The Rugged Cast Steel Mixing Paddles are a helical design, and when in motion will mix material in the 14 cubic foot bowl to the needed consistency, and at the same time eliminate splashing of material ensuring a clean operation. The Powermix is built with a 20 inch spout, standard, but can be fitted with a full spout if required.

The Spray Force Excalibur Powermix incorporates all the needs of the contractor in one simple and easily operated mixer. The Excalibur Powermix features self-adjusting seals with a lubrication ring to prevent material from entering the bearing assembly. A double-bearing assembly is located at each end of the mixer bowl and is easily accessible for lubrication. The design and arrangement of these bearings and seals will prevent expensive maintenance and repairs. The Excalibur Powermix hood opens fully for easy engine maintenance. A standard 15 H.P. Engine with electric start, coupled to a hydraulic pump, provides power to operate the Powermix.


Engine And Operation:
  • Hydraulically powered, resulting in minimal maintenance and no mechanical failure
  • Fully reversible operation - forward and reverse for removing obstructions
  • Full power operation in both forward and reverse directions
  • 15HP gas engine, or optional electric engine
  • Torque flex axle - more heavy-duty and a smoother ride
  • Heavy duty 14" wheels



  • Rugged, helically designed cast mixer blades
  • Able to mix material quickly, consistently, thoroughly, and splash-free
  • Standard 20" spout, with fully spout available if specified
  • 14 cubic foot heavy gauge steel mixer bowl - counter balanced for easy dumping
  • 1 - 5/8" mixer shaft - largest and heaviest duty in the business
  • Smoothest and longest lasting bearings in the industry, with a large mud flap for added protection




M.S.R .P.
Skid Mount- CALL
Towable - CALL



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